The story so far...

I've always run this blog as a testament to the designs and designers that inspire me. Its my lust list. But to bend my own rules (and I promise not to do this TOO often) here's the low down on what I've been up to.

#1 My website

This has been a project I've been putting on the long finger for a while now but I've finally got it up and out there and although its still very basic I have to say I'm quite chuffed with it.

#2 Business Launch

Hmm, maybe I should have put this one first. Despite the horrible snow that decided to steal my thunder at my business launch I was still really happy with my very first exhibition sale.

A huge huge thank you to all those brave people who ventured out to see what six0six design was all about. Here's some of what was on offer...

The Silk Paper Light Boxes were a real hit. I designed and made the timber light boxes to house my silk paper artwork. The smaller frames can hold the artwork from my range of silk paper cards (below)

while the larger ones, like the triptych below can hold more elaborate pieces.

Felt Jewellery

Keepsake boxes - Each box is covered in vintage maps or paper. The insides are lined with a combination of old encyclopaedia pages and materials to match the theme. Each box is unique and can be tailored to suit the recipient.

'Kitchen Craft' picture frames for all those foodies out there. These frames are covered in pages from a vintage cookery book.

Fairytale Frames - this series of picture frames are covered in fairytales from old childrens books.

And for the grand finale
#3 My Etsy shop

  I'll be putting more items for sale on Etsy over the next week or so and I'll post here when I do.

Well that's all for tonight folks. Thanks for getting this far.

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