Christmas fare...

Well I feel slightly silly signing off for the year when I have been in absentia more often than not the past while but its my blog; so my rules. The past few months have flown by and all those well laid plans for the blog were waylaid as my own designing took presedence over the wide world of design and all that inspires me. I find that when I'm working on new ideas I need to focus my attention inwards. The world tends to fade into the background and I'm afraid that this blog took a bit of a hit. So in an attempt to end the year on a productive blog note lets see how much we can squeeze in before the reindeer's come a calling.

First a thank you to two people for promoting my blog. #1 the lovely yokoo who tweeted about my post on her. And #2 to the lovely Laura (title : best friend), who has just recently entered the blogosphere, who referenced me in one of her posts. Check out her blog fashion notes. Fashion is too often sidelined as shallow or fickle, read this, then think again. 

Secondly, a post really isn't complete without some pretty pictures. I ventured forth to do some Christmas shopping yesterday and Dublin was looking very festive, snow and all.

 So for this next one I'm going to sound like I'm going into my dotage. But I remember when I was a child going into town before Christmas to look at the window displays was a really big thing. I can still remember lining up to peek into the windows of Switzers. They were filled with (in my memory) the most amazing Christmas scenes, and it was a family day out. But walking along Grafton street today I was bemoaning the lack of traditional festive window dressing (theres only so much you can do with glitter and tinsel) and then what do I spy but this...

 Bewley's window had me eating my words. Here was some proper Christmas cheer. It wasn't about selling or buying and it was fabulous looking at all the children looking to have a peek.

Its part of an exhibition running inside Bewley's by sculptor Paddy Campbell. Definitely worth a look if you have the chance. Admission is free and any donations go to Bernardos. A good way to remember what Christmas is really about, before I rushed off to snap up the last (blanked out for the recipients own protection) before they were all sold out! What can I say, I'm only human. 
Happy Christmas shopping.

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