Woven wonders

 A few months ago I did a day long Basketmaking course with the lovely Heike Kahle and I was very chuffed when I came away with my very own basket, handle and all.

And finally...

I also came away with a much better understanding of just how much time and effort goes into the process, and a new born fascination with the craft of weaving. Generally weaving is synonymous with baskets or woven carpets but there are the more unusual interpretations of the craft.

A models hair at the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 show (below)

Garden furniture is not generally something I get that excited about. But
there is something about the Nestrest (below) that gets me all a flutter. Maybe its the nostalgia of summer days in tree houses or the notion of your own secret hideaway floating above it all. Whatever it is I know this much, its a clever idea; beautifully executed.

The Nestrest is from the German outdoor furniture design company Dedon. The company is named for the dedon fibres that are used in its products. It is a synthetic fibre developed by Dedon's founder Bobby Dekeyser.
Below is  a detail of the woven structure of the 'pod'.

Lust List? I think so.

As an aside I'd highly recommend doing one of Heike's classes. The prices are very reasonable and you come away with your very own basket at the end of the day. Heike is a fabulous teacher and the numbers are kept low enough that it feels like its one to one. You also get to see all the fabulous willow baskets and other woven wonders at Baurnafea Willow Works.

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