Not just for pandas

Bamboo is a highly versatile material. But its also a very beautiful one, especially when seen in its natural environment. In the Bamboo Groves in Kyoto, you can hear the thunk of the bamboo trunks knocking against each other, the creaking and swish of the leaves in the wind. See the light filtering though the canopy of green high above your head. If you can find a quiet spot away from the crowds its one of the most peaceful places I've ever been.

Bamboo Groves in Kyoto, Japan (above and below)

And because its so readily to hand you see it popping up everywhere.

For a no less practical application, but slightly more unusual, check out this design from Mexican company Bamboocycle.

The lightweight nature of bamboo is a perfect fit for bicycle frames.

 Another inventive use that I found via archithings was this bench entitled 'Pile Isle' by Dutch designer Elena Goray. She designed it in partnership with German furniture company CONBAM

The bamboo was sourced from all over the world, thus the variants in colour. 

Cool, non.

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