Rhodes world

The first time I saw Robin Rhode's work was way back when; in Boston, it was tucked away in a little corner while everyone was busy looking at Anish Kapoors exhibition next door. Now don't get me wrong, I love a bit of my Kapoor, but Rhode ain't too sloppy himself.

Robin Rhode is an artist, who is a graffiti artist, who is a performance artist, who is a photographer. He uses public spaces; blank walls, cracked pavements and street corners as his canvas. From this he creates narratives with the illusion of seeming motion.

The South African born artist is one of an ever growing numberof street artists who's work, while created on the streets, is destined to grace the walls of modern art museums the world over.

In an interview Rhode said that his early work was ' a dreamscape to the impossible', like the dream of getting a jump shot in 'He got Game' below. While that initial motivation might have evolved I like to think that the central idea remains.

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