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I normally don't post on the weekend but since I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday I decided to share my weekend find with you all. Very last minute I went to Marley parks Summer Fair this morning, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the crafts on offer. Often times at craft fairs you are inundated with a huge range of very average produce. And I'll be the first to admit that I can be very critical which is why I only blog about what I like, no point harping on about what doesn't float my boat, as the sailor would say. So without further ado... the good stuff

The setting itself was beautiful, and with the sun shining you couldn't really ask for more. 


The inner courtyard was full of delicious food stands.

And inside the house itself was mainly craft orientated. Here are my favourites. 

Red Rufus Sock Dogs by Christina Sanne 

Not only were they beautiful to look at but they were extremely well made too. I loved the attention to detail and quality of the materials used. That they are made from socks (new not second hand) never felt gimmicky.

They are the kind of gift you give to a child knowing that they will still be pride of place in their bedroom when all other toys have been consigned to the attic. A keeper on all accounts. 

My other favourite but no less so for being second on the list was Paper Bird by Carol Crimmins. As you head up the stairs you are greeted by their beautifully displayed stand on the landing. 

I loved that use of the vintage suitcase to showcase the dolls. The dolls themselves have a 1930's feel to them, with their coiffured hair and beautiful dresses.

Check out the bunting

Its only now that I've posted this that I realise the similarities between the two stands. Both the sock dogs and the dolls, while technically toys, veer more into the range of collectors items. They would be as at home in the living room as in a child's bedroom.

A Fan, I think so.
On till 6 today and form 10 till 6 tomorrow.

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