The classic superhero still ticks the boxes

 The modern day superhero is a very different kettle of fish indeed from the man in tights that we most readily associate with the title. Its darker, edgier and a hell of a lot more violent. And that's just the good guys. And while it makes for excellent cinema sometimes I miss the classic sound of 'Wham, Bam, Kapow' filled speech bubbles. 

So here's a few superhero inspired designs to show why the classic superhero still ticks my boxes.

Superman lunchbox from the gifted penguin - does it really just have to be for the kids...

Love this 'Wonder woman and the SuperFriends' cocktail dress by etsy seller bettyoatmeal. The material is from a vintage comic book bed sheet.

For a little bit of Manga in the mix check out this 'Superhero' notebook from etsy seller bigfootpress

 And finally, the classic speech bubble given a modern twist with this Speak-er by the very coolly, if slightly bizarrely, named design company, the.

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