Tuesday loves ... waiting for the bus

Not a sentence I would ever have thought 'Id hear myself say but that was before I knew there were bus shelters like this in the world

This bus stop, in Georgia USA, is made from three old school buses and the seat is from one of Atlanta's decommissioned city buses. You can check out more photos of the bus being made here. It is by an American sculptor Christopher Fennel.

On the other side of the world in Japan you can await, the always prompt, public transport in a fruit of your choice. 

In London guerilla street artist turned playground designer Bruno Taylor took it upon himself to install these swings in bus stops across the city. His motto 'Play as you go'.

Here is a video of the, I would say, very unsanctioned instillation in progress back in 2008.

And in Vancouver you can chill out in a Hammock while you wait.
In Ireland we're still working on the buses actually turning up. Maybe I should go guerilla and bring my hammock with me next time.

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