Wednesday's back with Brick Lane

 Its been a while since I dipped my proverbial toe in the bloggasphere but I'm back, sure you've all missed me terribly.

So what's new. Well a while ago I popped over to London and I finally made it to the Brick Lane market which is definitely an experience.

I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to say you can find everything under the sun for sale here, including a 'brand new television - fully working for only 10 quid; if this man was to be believed.

Don't forget to pop your head into the shops along the lane too (who knows when you might need a new door)

The only downside was the sheer number of people there, which is what happens when anything becomes too popular and has no way of expanding its footprint.

My advice; go early. It starts about 8 every Sunday

Also while your'e in the area you have to check out the Old Spitafields market which is just a stones throw away. Its in a lovely old building and has plenty to offer.

My favourite was this stall with old typefaces

Finally the perfect way to end the day is by putting your feet up at this little cafe shop Verde and Co which sells the best chocolate ever.

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