Friday visits Saul

In 1955 James Dean died, Winston Churchill resigned and Saul Bass met Otto Preminger. 

Preminger asked Bass to design the title sequence for the film he was directing Man with the golden arm. While most designers would have plastered the face of its lead, Frank Sinatra, across the poster, Bass realised that the addiction (Sinatra played a jazz musician struggling with heroin addiction) not the man, was the more symbolic image.

 The opening title sequence hasn't dated with age. It is a classic moment in cinema historyand like all Bass's work its influences can be seen in the world of film today. Take the poster for 2008's Burn after Reading for example. 

Bass went on to work with many of cinemas greats like Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick, over his long spanning career.

The poster for Hitchcock's Vertigo

Otto Preminger's Anatomy of a Murder 

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