Friday visits... my new favourite place

Yesterday I discovered my new favourite cafe. Its one of those places I'm always meaning to go and I finally got around to it.
The cake cafe is a little hidden gem in behind the Daintree shop on camden street. Its nestled amongst a real live bamboo grove-
On the wall of the bike shelter are panels, each a mosaic made from old buttons, bottle tops, book ends, cutlery and old china to name but a few.

The food (and it is yummy) comes on mismatched old china.

When you've finished at the cafe if you leave by the Pleasents place entrance and hang a right you can pop into Mayfly a shop full of hand crafted items lots from dublin based designers.
A good day out I'd say.

1 comment:

Patti said...

Thank you for the comment. Curious how you found me? You have a lovely blog. I wish I could visit Ireland someday. My grandfather was born there. I'm a little Irish, too.

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