Thursday finds... the hidden messages

You'de have to be living very deep underground to not have realised that Valentines day is just around the corner. There are the cynics out there who pass it off as one big money making event on the part of Hallmark and florists worldwide, and at the other end of the spectrum there's the die hard romantics who probably have said florists on speed dial. Me, I'm somewhere in between.

But I will say that there's something to be said for the understated when it comes to romantic gestures. Theres only so many ways to say I love you before it all starts sounding and looking the same.
Which is why I liked this necklace by etsy shop Ada Rosman jewelerry

The numbers on the necklace stand for the number of letters in I love you. 143. And maybe all you rainmen out there got it in one but it took me a while, and I kind of like that.

Going as far back as the 15th century people have been writing valentines to each other. And over the centuries they've come up with some ingenious ways of saying those three little words.

There was the acrostic letter for the poets in us all.
 This poem sent to Edgar Allen Poe by his wife, the first line of each sentence spells out the poets name.

But I think the best traditional valentine has to be the puzzle purse.
The two below date from the 1830's. They worked rather liked a treasure hunt, the outside leaves, each numbered, would read like clues. As the recipient opened up the folded paper the hidden message would be revealed on the inside.
Now theres effort for you.

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