Thursday finds... flowers in the card

I read about 'seed cards' a while ago in a magazine and I'm almost certain it was for an Irish company, can I remember where I read it? Of course not, that would be too easy.

I did find these pretties sold by Felt and Wire, an online shop dedicated to paper goods.
The card is made with paper that has seeds in it, so that when you've finished reading it, and its gathered enough dust on your mantelpiece, you can put it in the ground and come spring Walah! A flower.
I also found a new shop Porridgepapers on etsy (new to me) that's about the same thing with the ol' seed paper. And the cards definitely get my vote too.
Blue man card $5

Clever and pretty. Unbeatable combo.

I'll definitely be adding seeds to the blender next time I make paper.

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