Monday looks at ... unpackaged

I really need to stop finding things I want to check out in London. Especially since ryan air have gone all ninja detective on your hand baggage allowance. And yes I am well aware that considering I paid the grand some of 2 cent for my entire flight I really can't complain. But enough about that, lets get to the good stuff. 

Which would be London food shop, Unpackaged. Its founder Catherine Conway set up the business, first as a market store and then as a permanent shop. The basic concept is that, as we throw away 99% of the packaging that we buy our food wrapped up in, why buy it packaged in the first place. Here's a video interview that explains it a bit more.

But what really turned like to love was how they've branded themselves. 
These flyers to advertise the shop are printed on old cereal packets, as is the branding below. The marketing and shop design was done by London based Multistorey 

I like the use of simple graphic images to spell out the concept. The old fashioned typewriter, along with the glass jars that line the shops shelves remind me of an old fashioned sweet shop or grocery store.
 The exterior of the shop continues this theme, with the typeface from the original Dairy shop still in place
And who can resist a little bit of nostalgia with a big ol' dollop of  eco friendly AND pocket friendly thrown in for good measure?

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