Giving old records a new life

 I'm feeling the retro vibe today. It might have something to do with my recent buying spree of old records. I pick them up in charity shops, vintage stores, car boot sales and flea markets. So its no surprise that there are sometimes casualties of age amongst the hoard. Now I cant just throw them away, well that would just be plain silly, so what's a girl to do...

Why recycle them,, of course my lovelies. Now I've seen this idea done really well and then not so well. For instance with the vinyl record bowl, I am not a fan of the' wavy edge' version so lets just skip over that one and get down to the good stuff.

Over on Etsy you can find OddBob hitting the right note, (sorry lame music pun), with his vinyl record bowls.

 I love how the shop is divided into sections so you can find your bowl by musical genre or time line. A small thing, but a nice touch all the same. (I was pleasantly surprised at the price of postage, especially if you buy more than one)

And its not just bowls that old vinyl records are being turned into. Once I started looking into it, I realised there was a whole industry out there. I remember a while back in Fortnum and Masons in London seeing vinyl record coasters.

Urban Outfitters, not to be outdone, always have a smattering of vinyl conversions in their shops. This pair of bookends tickled my fancy.

 There is also the vinyl notebook, which I think only looks good when bound properly. Leave your hole punch at the door please. Again from Etsy, and another Canadian seller, is Papermusedesigns
who produces these notebooks.

But my favourite has to be the lamps by German company Lockengeloet

They are the perfect combination of good design and quirky back story.

With their latest lamp 'The Corona' (above) you would be hard pressed to guess it was even made from old records. My favourite recycled design. A finished product where, while the use of recycled materials is an integral part of the story, it does not compromise good design.

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