Wednesday surfs for ...Bacon

Well today's been a bit epic. Having decided to venture into Dublin to see the Francis Bacon Exhibition in the Hugh Lane Gallery, we spent most of the day battling the snow and ice. As for Mr Bacon himself I can never quite decide where I stand on him. He was undoubtedly talented but I still feel like I need to sit down and get my head around what he was trying to say in his paintings, then I can begin to critique them. My favourite part of the exhibition (and indeed in the gallery itself) is his studio. The entirety of his studio was transplanted from London to the Gallery after his death. Each scrap of paper and used paint tin replaced exactly as it was. Bacon himself said of his studio that
'For me, chaos breeds images'
And chaos it is. 

And for me at least it is my favourite 'work' by him. The testament to how he created art. Every time I look in I see something new, something that I missed before.

Another thing to mention about the gallery is the fact that the exhibition is free. And the studio is a permanent display. So if you're ever at a loose end pop in.
It feels like its taken days to get home so I'll bid you all a good night.
Don't freeze.

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