Tuesday loves... sugru

When I think of hacking something my mind immediately flashes to Johny Lee Miller's Crash Override flipping it to the man in Hackers or Hugh Jackmans reluctant villain in Swordfish. What I did not think of was sugru.

So what the hell am I talking about I hear you asking. Sugru is the invention of Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh an Irish designer who came up with this 'silicon rubber that can be fixed and moulded into any desired shape'. When I first read the article in the FT at the weekend I was curious. When I checked out the website I started to get excited. Really excited. Think of the possibilities.

This is where the hacking part comes in. Hacking is making things work for you. Have a lovely mug/knife/power tool but the handle kills. Hack it. Wobbly ladder, broken glasses, missing a vital something on a gadget. Sugru would appear to be the man.

Check out what people have been surgu-ing.



We throw out so many things because they don't work or it's more expensive to get them fixed than it is to buy a new one. Now you can be all environmentally conscious, save money AND you get to do make and do. You can't really lose. Except the darned stuff is so popular it all sold out, but they're getting more in very shortly and I for one can't wait.

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