Thursday finds... shoes in the vending machine

Heels kill. They also make your legs look that extra bit longer and, lets face it, hotter. But the end of the night comes and I can't count the amount of times I've walked home barefoot and woken up the next morning with feet like an extra from a Charles Dickens play.

Which is why I love this idea. Its clever and a little bit outside the box. I'd be interested to see whether it will take of or end up in the gimmicks corner.

The company is called Rollasole. You buy the shoes from the vending machine for about 6.95 sterling, they come rolled up in a little box, you slip them on put your heels in the bag provided.What I like about the idea is that you can buy them then and there, none of this forward thinking malarkey, they do it for you.

While there are other companies on the market that are doing the same thing I particularily liked the marketing and packaging of the product which was done by Magpie studio.

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