Stuck in London... whats a girl to do?

Due to the lovely staff at Dublin Airport going on strike I'm still in London and not entirely complaining about the situation. So with some time to spare I went and checked out the exhibitions on at the Design Museum. The David Chipperfield exhibition which runs till the end of the month covers the architects career from early beginnings to his wide range of projects that his firm is currently undertaking. I've only ever been inside one of Mr Chipperfields buildings, his reimagining of the Neues Museum on Museum Island in Berlin. But I do remember being impressed with how he dealt with the blending of the original buildings features with the new elements.

I also loved the huge range of detailed models of a wide range of his designs, including unrealised projects.
 (I cant upload any imaged from my camera at the moment but I'll do it when I get back to base)

The second exhibition that I can't believe I almost missed seeing was the showcase of Dieter Rams work. Entitled 'Less and More - The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams' it had an fantastic selection of his work for Braun. Looking at his designs you can see where the likes of Naoto Fukasawa (who has done alot of work for Muji) and the Apple designer Jonathen Ive, get their inspiration from.

Rams lived by the ethos that less was better. He said 'There is no longer room for the irrelevant things. We have no longer got the resources. Irrelevence is out'. And along the way he revolusionalised how the world looked at everyday houshold objects.

Well worth the visit.

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