Monday looks at ... wallpaper

Wallpaper. It used to be rather traditional. It just didn't float my boat. But a while ago I helped a friend wallpaper a wall in her room. And well firstly I gained a whole new appreciation for the skill involved in the process. I'm so glad there were no corners involved in our project. That would have been a whole other ball game. And secondly, wallpaper, it has potential. If you do it right that is.

Here are some of my favourite takes on the tradition.

Susan Bradleys 'Japonais' Outdoor Wallpaper. This design can cover exterior or interior walls.

This wall sticker is by Stephanie Poinot for a collection by Les Invasions Ephemeres a french design company. 

Also by Les Invasions Ephemeres.

This light emitting wallpaper is by dutch artist Jonas Samson. When it is 'switched off ' it is just run of the mill wallpaper, but turn it on and tadda!

I think that one of the most impressive uses of wallpaper to make a statement is to chose a really striking pattern but to only cover one wall with it.

Taken from an article in the December issue of Elle Decoration. The wallpaper is from Graham and Brown.

Now all I need to do is find a spare wall.

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elledee said...

Gorgeous walls! They kind of remind me of these decals:

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