Monday looks at ... the toaster

I have issues with my toaster. It either pops up as bread-like as when it went in, or its as black as a crisp. Does anyone remember that scene, in the otherwise forgettable film Kate and Leopold, where Hugh Jackmans character fixes the toaster timer with a fork? No? Maybe it was just me. My point is after over a century designers still havn't designed the perfect toaster.
They promise it, but they don't deliver

But before I get to the point of this blog check out some of the earliest toasters.

The Crompton Eclipse

Landers Frary and Clark side loading toaster

Pincher toaster

Percher toaster

So where was I going with this, I'm sure, highly interesting, toaster fixation is that I was very excited (yes I am aware that I am easily excited) to discover the latest offering from Magimix of all places.

The Vision Toaster

Magimix present it as the worlds first see through toaster. And they're right it is. Whether its as revolutionary as they say it is I'm not so sure. They've placed the elements in the corners thus enabling us to see the toasting process.

 You can get a 3D tour with this video, if you can get past the somewhat strange choice of bollywood-esque music.

But whether or not its all its hyped up to be, I'm still on the excited end of the spectrum.


donna bee said...

WOW!! What a great information about Magimix Vision Toaster I have read your article and I am very inspired by your ideas about Magimix Vision Toaster design looks so cute it is good for morning.
Thanks for sharing with us..

six0six design said...

Thanks donna, its a pretty cool toaster isn't it. If you like the blog dont forget to follow to keep up to date.

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