Friday visits...a handmade nation

With a lot of high fashion the price tag has a lot to do with the name above it. You pay for the brand. But what people often forget is everything else that you are paying for. I'm not talking about the pieces that are stitched together for a couple of cents and sold on for far beyond their actual worth. I'm referring to the age old art of Haute Couture.  

Here, while the rest of the world turned to mass production, the skills and knowledge needed to create these unique pieces was nurtured. It had often been mooted, in the years since its birth in Paris, that Haute couture would not survive long. Today this is more prevalent than ever. Haute Couture often costs more than a years salary and even if you can afford it there is an exclusivity to owning a piece that money cannot always procure. And if John Galliano's Spring-Summer for Christian Dior last year was anything to go by maybe the fashion world thought we needed to be reminded of its worth. 

Galliano's dresses are turned inside out, revealing, and indeed revelling in the detail and beauty of the construction of these pieces. Rather like a magician showing you his box of tricks you realise that the magic is in fact that there is no magic at all but instead a tireless dedication to perfection.

This appreciation for the hand made has not in fact died off with the recession as many have feared. Rather, there is an ever growing appreciation for the uniqueness that it offers us. Just look at the success of such companies like not on the high or the ever growing membership of craft websites like Etsy if you need proof. And I for one can't wait to see what 2010 has in store. The idea of a 'hand crafted' future definitely tickles my fancy. I mean if Rage against the machine can get a Christmas number 1 over the X factor (however misguided a choice it may have been) then anythings possible right?


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