Eastern patterns meets French style with Fiancee du Mekong

Fiancee du Mekong are a recent find for me. They cropped up in the January edition of Elle decoration, sporting these flasks.

Which of course got me curious as to what else they had on offer.

Here are some of my favourites

The first two are inspired by Japan

This last one is from a collection taking its inspiration from Bali, bizarrely its called 'Robe Beijing', but there you go.

Some of their items are a bit too heavy on the flower power, especially in their current Spring/Summer collection, but when they get it right they really hit the spot.

As for actually getting my hands on anything from them, that's another story. Their boutiques are only in France and there are no stockists in Ireland or the UK for that matter.
Is that a trip to Paris I hear calling?

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