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gadg-et n. any small and usually ingenious mechanical device or tool.

But how often does the object fall short of this definition. Especially in the run up to Christmas, when 'gadgets' are everywhere you look. All proclaiming to be the best this or that. But the reality is that often as soon as the wrapping paper has been stripped away and Christmas Day is over they will take up home in the back of a drawer or gathering dust on a shelf.

So what makes a gadget a good gadget. Here are some that I think cover the bases with style.

At first glance it looks like an art intilation. What it actually is, is the latest from Dyson. Always one step ahead of its competitors, they even manage to make hoovers stylish, the Dyson Air Multiplier aims to do the same for fans. But the secret to Dysons success is not just that their products look good its that they are well designed. It literally amplifies the air giving an uninterupted, powerful airflow with no noisy blades. If you want the man himself to explain it to you click here. 
The disadvantage, the Irish Dyson website doesn't seem to stock the fan. The UK page does stock them at £199 with limited availability in some design stores. If anyone finds it in Ireland let me know.

On a slightly smaller scale both in size and the dent to your bank account is this little gadget

I picked up this Wind Up LED Ladybird torch ( it also comes in other shapes) in Reads on Nassau street in Dublin but I've since seen them in any number of shops and online. Mine cost me a hefty €5.99.

The principle is simple. You wind the little handle clockwise for a couple of minutes, put the handle back in place and switch it on. one minute of winding gives you 30 minutes of power. With no batteries to worry about its the perfect stocking fillers for children, big ones too. Cheap and cheerful, the perfect gadget.

I already did a blog on Lego but I had to include these little gadgets in here

These lego usb sticks are made from actual lego bricks so you can design your own shapes. Ive seen them on sale in the Design Museum in London and on Amazon. The prices start at around €25 for the cheapest 2GB.

While I'm well aware that there are alot more gadgets out there, many of them are either ridiculously expensive or just plain ridiculous. These three are just a pick of the ones that caught my eye.

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Christine said...

Am loving the lego usb sticks. Have I mentioned that one of the best things about having a toddler is having an excuse to play with lego again (although it's not great to have to share with him!) I have a cute video I should post on my blog (

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