Thursday finds ... a few of my favourite things

Andreas Gursky's photograph entitled Bahrain I - although actually owning an original Gursky might be a bit hard on all those 0's in my bank account. His photographs achieve some of the highest prices at auctions, disproving the opinion that photography is somewhat less of a saleable artfrom due to its medium and the ease with which it is reproduced.

The latest release from the world of Penguin

Postcards from Penguin - 100 book jackets in one box 
Penguins covers are iconic and I've always wanted an array on my bookshelf, now I can have it without all that hard reading bit in between.

I like to own my books, hence the lusting for the penguin covers, but for this library I could be persuaded to borrow not buy.

Its in a small village called Westbury-sub-Mendip in Somerset, England and its run solely by the community. Housed in an old telephone box people bring a book they've read and leave with one they havn't. Genius. The town coucil bought the box from BT for a pricy £1. Apparently over 350 other boxes have been bought in similar schemes. I'd love to know what theyve been turned into... 

Right I'm off to the RDS see you tomorrow with all the best bits

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