Holiday days

I'm afraid I wont be posting anything for the rest of the week I'm off on a mini holiday but I'll be back next Monday bright and shiny and ready to dazzle you all with my wit and intelligent prose. Well a girl can but try. In the meantime here are some of my favourite blogs that are always good to have a gander at. Let me know what you think, or indeed if you've any favourites you think I should know about. Share and share alike

Run by a Danish graphic designer and associate professor Julie Katrine

If you ever get tired by all the rubbish packaging that passes through your hands on a daily basis check out this blog established by Andrew Gibbs it is dedicated to showcasing what's hot in the world of package design. A lot cooler than it sounds I promise you

I've already blogged about this lady here when I talked about her latest book Paris Made by Hand. She lives and blogs from her house boat in Amsterdam and her blog is always filled with beautiful photography.

 One of the first blogs I ever followed, worth a scroll down.

I'm not sure if this technically qualifies as a blog but what the hell. Its a web service that allows its members to share photographs that they like with, well, anyone. Very democratic

A less well known 'cousin' to the sartorialist.

My latest find, recommended by a friend (thank you) is the blog of photographer Susannah Conway. She also did a photo blog 
which tracked her progress as she rediscovered photography. Some really beautiful images. A bit different from the usual.

Well I think that should keep you going for now. Hope you enjoy. See you next week

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