Wednesday surfs for ... a tenuous link

I don't know if anyone's noticed but its been raining a lot recently and it got me thinking

Tired with a plain old umbrella, want to turn heads as you walk to work? look no further than the Nubrella.

Speaking of out of this world head wear one of my favourite hat designers of all time (and its not just because he's Irish ) is Philip Treacy 


Some of his hats are surrealist flights of fancy

'Chinese Garden' -  for Alexander Mc Queen

But that doesnt mean that someone doesnt wear them

Isabella Blow was Treacy's Muse, her flamboyant style was the perfect companion to his outlandish but always breathtaking hats.

Speaking of famous milliners, where would they be without the best quality imbellishments. And if they were in need of a fabric flower to adorn their latest work haute cotour designers would say go to see Mr Legeron. Legerons  is tucked away in the 2nd Arrondissement in Paris, has been around since 1880.

(was that a bit tenuous) 

And where did I find out about this gem I hear you asking, well in my latest favourite book Paris : Made By Hand

By Pia Jane Bijkerk.

Who when she isnt writing books on Paris's best kept secret shops also writes a blog here

And on that blog the other day she featured a designer Stepanka

 Whos latest creation is inspired by the RAIN

you see the weather really is all we talk about in Ireland.

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