Wednesday surfs for ... lego

If you translate Lego into its native Danish, where it all began, it comes out something like this
Play Well
And children have been doing just that ever since.

Now its the adults turn to play

There's apparently no end to the extensions of the Lego theme and the latest dabbler in the art of the lego brick is French designer Jean Charles De Castelbajac.

You can also check out his weird but equally entertaining catwalk video Lego style here,
you can see how the fantasy mirrors the reality in his clothing line below

But Mr. Castelbajac was not the first nor I'm sure will he be the last to have fun with Lego


This ice tray is available from the Lego company or if its in cakes your tastes lie look no further

For the gadget lovers in us all you really can't go wrong with thes usb's from a Japanese Company Solid Alliance

 The 1 GB bricks are identical to actual lego bricks so the best part of the entire gadget is that you still get to play

 To be honest I could talk about lego inspired fancy all day so just one more I promise

Lego Speakers for your Ipod
(ps you can find them on sale at amazon and Im sure lots of other places too)

See you tomorrow

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