Tuesday loves ... concrete

 Now theres a statement I never thought Id hear myself saying. But do the right things with this material and sometimes, just sometimes you hit the spot.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Japan, at closing time. The crowds having left for the day the evening sun slants under the building.

The walls of the corridors leading to the inner remembrance chamber in the Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall, Japan

The concrete is textured as such that when I first saw it I though it was timber. Far from being cold it created a warm ambiance helped by the subtle lighting

Of course it's not just in buildings and not just in Japan that concrete is beautifully rendered it just so happens that these two buildings are my favourite concrete moments.

What got me going on the whole concrete theme in the first place today is German designer Alexa Lixfeld circle bowls

Another designer who uses concrete in an unusual way to beautiful effect is Benjamin Hubert.

Heavy Desk Light available December 09 here

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