Tuesday loves ... Christopher

Christopher Dresser was once described as 'perhaps the greatest of commercial designers, imposing his fantasy and invention upon the ordinary output of British industry'. Born in 1834 he designed across a wide discipline. His work was incredibly modern, even looking at it from today's prospective.Put simply the man knew his stuff.
Watering Can 1876

Teapot 1880

Chair 1880-83

Vase circa 1880

Tiffany Tea caddy - part of a collaboration between Dresser and Edward Moore of Tiffany, you can see the Japanese influences in the design  

Toast Rack 1881
(or from Alessi for 135 € )

The above design stands as testament to his talent as it is still produces today by Alessi

Dresser believed that mass production of an object didn't mean it had to be ugly and that the process could lead to a thing of beauty. He believed in art for all regardless of money or station in life. Ironically today his 'mass produced' designs will fetch a pretty penny at auction and owning them is very much dependant on the number of 0's in your bank account. But if you're satisfied with the look not touch relationship look out for exhibitions of his work, his enduring popularity ensures us that at least.

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