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If you translate the first part of the Japanese name for the store you get 'No brand Quality Goods' and like the ronseal man always said it does exactly what it says on the tin. The beauty of MUJI products lies in their simplicity.

The Muji store in Dublin is a treasure trove of stocking fillers and office jems. Unfortunately the irish website is a bit sparce, ie non existant, so you can either browse the UK one or pay a visit in person (what a chore )

But Muji does alot more than that. When the brand (or rather no brand) first started out as an offshoot of a supermarket chain they were so committed to their motto of no waste that one of their products was U shaped spaghetti - made from the bends cut off when straight spaghetti is produced. How cool is that.

Check out these cardboard speakers and whats even better than the actual speakers is the price tag £19.95 (the irish store dont stock them - lack of space was the reason when I asked - but you can buy online from the UK site )

This Sake Vase is hand blown and made from 100% recycled glass

This frame is made from recycled cardboard AND the plastic in the frame is recycled too

On a slightly larger scale in their neverending bid for world domination of every avenue of design Muji now do houses

Kengo Kuma has designed two prefabricated houses for Muji. And again not forgetting their roots, the price tag is very reasonable too, coming in under 150,000 euro.


If you want to read a little more about the company check out Fiona Rattrays article here

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