Friday visits... LA

Dorothy Parker once said that 'Los Angleles is 72 suburbs in search of a city'. I kind of liked it

though I might have to agree about the suburbs part

Recognise this guy? He's in the movie Big with tom hanks, he grants his wish to be a grown up. You can find him on Santa Monica Pier

Spend all your dimes at the 99c store


For a culture fest, and incredible views across the city (especially the sunsets) visit the Getty Museum
It was designed by Richard Meier in the 1980's. The building itself is a piece of art so give yourself plenty of time to explore it all

Watch the surfers on Venice beach in the early morning before the crowds arrive

Wander along Hollywood Boulevard to see the stars. I'm still not sure if this was being repaired or someone had lost their privileges 

Los Angeles has an incredible array of museums above is an instillation outside LACMA.
Until the end of January you can see 'From the Spoon to the City': Objects by Architects from LACMA's Collection' The title pretty much explains it all.

Another pretty acronym to visit is MoCA who at the moment are holding an exhibition reflecting on the museums first 30 years which opened last weekend with a gala celebration. Italian video artist Francesco Vezzoli recreated le Bal a ballet from 1929 for the event. Lady Gaga performed her newest song 'speechless' accompanied by 12 dancers from the Bolshoi Ballet for the event. You can watch it on youtube here. But the quality is fuzzy at best
The stars hat was designed by Frank Gehry, the costumes by Miuccia Prada, the piano painted by Damien Hirst. I'm not sure you could squeeze any more big names into it if you tried. Oh yeah Baz Luhrmann designed the masks. Museums LA style.
Alot of this is thanks to Eli Broad, the museums most generous benefactor, not only in pledging his own money but in getting others to do the same. Broad and his wife Edythe are avid art collectors and he is determined to entice tourists to LA for more than entertainment reasons.

'Los Angeles is in the process of changing - and we've got to do a better job at communicating what we have to the rest of the world'. - Eli Broad

Last weekend was certainly a start. Some would say that Broad is living in a fantasy world and asking for the impossible but he has a vision and definitly has the money and influence to back it up. I'll defnitly be keeping an eye out for what he turns up next

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